Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ellie Jelly Belly

Ellie must be going through a growth spurt. Here's what she had for lunch today at noon:
--half a sandwich (with cream cheese)
--a piece of stick cheese
--a handful of blueberries
--a big handful of black beans
--half a bowl of baby oatmeal, broccoli and sweet potatoes (pureed)

And for dinner at 5:30 (after 4 oz of formula at 2:30) she ate:
--4 oz of Yobaby yogurt
--4 oz of cheese filled tortellini
--any shredded parmesan she could pick up with her fingers

Yikes! I'm afraid she's going to explode. Oh, and she downed 3 oz of formula just before bed at 7.


Beth and Melinda said...

she eats MORE than me!


Anonymous said...

Wow! She's making up for being sick! Great. How fun. Hope they are both totally on the mend. Phew! G+P

Anonymous said...

You go birthday Girl!! Enjoy!
Love you big,
A & J