Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Videos

We're about to head down south to visit some fun folks, so we'll post when we get back. Until then, here are a few new videos for you to enjoy.

Ellie's newest tricks:

Here's one of the girls enjoying a favorite game. Kate actually asks me to put Ellie in her crib so they can play this together.


Beth and Melinda said...


Anonymous said...

Ellie, hurrah, Ellie!!!! Standing so well! And clapping, too. What a delight for us to see. And the game together. What fun!! They are both sooo excited. Happy days...joyous times...gifts from God to their lives, your home and our hearts. Thanks again and again. Love, Gram + Pops

b.niel said...

SOO CUUTE!! They will love watching these videos when they're older.

Nana said...

Hurray for Ellie, she's standing and clapping at the same time. It won't be long until she is running around and chasing her sister.

I loved watching the two of them playing while Ellie is in the crib. What fun. What sweet girls. Thanks so much, Jen, for doing the videos. It lets us keep up with the fun and the changes as Kate and Ellie grow.
You two are great parents!!

Shari Baker said...

So, you may be Type A, but you handle a lot of things very well, Jen. Watching you teach Ellie to stand by letting her know your hands were there, but not letting her hold them unless she really needed to, and also trusting Kate to be gentle enough with Ellie when making her fall in her crib, I can tell that you are pretty relaxed with a lot of things, so good job! :)