Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January was busy!

We have been blessed to have so many fun visits from dear people! Miss Jenn spent the weekend with us and we went to the Aquarium and drove around "the circuit" and enjoyed time together. Here she is with Daddy and Kate at the "petting" part of the Aquarium. Thanks for coming to visit, Jenn!

Then, the week after Jenn was here, Aunt Beth and Uncle Evan came to see us. How fun it was to spend time with them and hang out. We went to the Aquarium again (we love that place!) and showed off our beautiful January weather to the winter-weary Chicagoans. Here are Beth and Evan, having lunch at the Aquarium. This was taken just before a seagull swooped in and snatched the sandwich right out of Aunt Beth's hand. It was an amazing feat!

Uncle Evan enjoyed lots of drool and smiles from the Ellie Bells, and Ellie enjoyed having more people to show off for and attract attention from.

A visit to our home is not complete without seeing Kate's favorite park. See she actually smiles for these pictures!

We also went to visit Carmel Beach, one of our favorites. We were shocked to find the beach landscape had almost completely eroded away to reveal just the bedrock underneath. I'll post more on that another time. But we had fun anyway, enjoying the waves, the low tide, and the sand castle king, Daddy. :) Kate always puts him straight to work when we hit the beach.
Thanks to Uncle Evan and Aunt Beth for coming to visit! We had a wonderful time and loved having you here. Wish you didn't live so far away!

And also, here are a few videos of Ellie's newest skill--crawling forward. What fun it was to share this milestone with Beth and Evan. Enjoy!

Ellie's first successful attempt at crawling forward. How exciting!

Now look what I can do, says Ellie:

Oh, and if that wasn't enough for your kid fix, here are three things that Kate said to me just today. Seriously, that kid is hilarious:

1. While she was brushing her teeth and I was fixing her hair, she sluggs my tummy with her little toothbrush-clamped fist and says "Way to go!"

2. I was changing Ellie's diaper and Kate comes in to me, carring the DVD Enchanted. She points to a random part on the cover and says "Is that her boyfriend?" I take a second and pick my chin up off the floor. Then I reply, "is what her boyfriend?" She points at the apple. Sighing inwardly because I realize she doesn't know what that word means, I simply reply, "No." WHERE in the WORLD did she hear that??

3. At lunch (after the video of the girls playing peek a boo), Kate says to me "My eyebrow hurts." I wasn't sure I heard correctly, so I asked her to repeat it. She said again, "My eyebrow hurts." I said I was sorry, and did she want me to kiss it for her? She responded with "No, I already kissed it and it feels much better."


Anonymous said...

They are such adorable girls! Don't you love having daughters? We have been blessed, huh? They certainly keep you laughing. Hope you are doing well. love, Carolina

Anonymous said...

What fun to see all these photos! We've been waiting to see Aynt N+Beth and Uncle Evan with the girls. Everyone had such a wonderful time. Can you stand all the tourist stuff for one more batch of company?? We can't wait. Now, about those videos...absolutely fabulous...love seeing Kate and Ellie play together AND you go Ellie with the crawling! She's off and running. Love Kate's comments. Each day is a joy for you all. How sweet life is. Praise God. Love, Gram + Pops

beth and melinda said...

hmm kissing eyebrows, a college trick?

beth and melinda said...

yea for crawing!

Nana said...

I absolutely love the one of Kate and Ellie playing peek-a-boo under the table. What joy to see those two little ones laughing together. Jen,
what a treasured memory. Also, I love the new photo of Ellie sticking her head out of the jacket. Beth and/or Evan must have taken the picture.
What a wonderful time you and the Nielsen's must have had together.

Shari Baker said...

Hmmmm, is crawing another college trick? I'm not quite sure what that is. Anyhow, such a cute post! It's nice that you live in such a beautiful place where it doesn't matter if you see the same things often, because you just get excuses to go back to your favorite places when people come!

b.niel said...

we had an amazing, amazing time! I love to regale people with stories of Kate's funny sayings. I miss you guys so much and wish that we were closer. :( Thanks for hosting us!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - what great crawling, Ellie! Love the peek-a-boo game and the laughter. Kate, you are such a great big sister! So glad you are enjoying the winter sun and are having "winter" people to share it with.
Love you - the SO CAL Gang