Wednesday, January 13, 2010

8 months and Nana and Grandpa Visit

We're a little behind, but I'll have to catch you all up on other events later. The most exciting (and most recent) events are Elliana's 8th month birtday and Nana and Grandpa's visit. First, Ellie is rather excited about turning 8 months. (She told me so...not really.) But she's weighing in at 19 lbs and measures 28 1/2 inches, so we're very impressed. Also, she's started really talking to us, using lots of sounds and screeches. My favorite is when she says "Ma Ma Ma Ma." It's obvious to ME that she's saying Mama, but Daddy is still skeptical. Both girls are still doing great in the same room, and if Kate gets into bed before Ellie, she calls out from her bed, "Mom, is Ellie coming? Is Ellie coming?" until you answer her. Then she starts asking again. It's really sweet. Ellie is still scooting along, pulling herself backwards. She's getting pretty good at turning different directions, but hasn't figured out how to crawl forwards. That will come soon. She still doesn't have any teeth, but since her big sis didn't get teeth until 11 months, we're not worried.

Here's Ellie's signature move: baby pushups. She does this ALL the time. I'm sure she's stronger than I am.

Nana and Grandpa were also impressed with another baby skill--sucking as many toes as one can get into one's mouth at one time. Now I know you're jealous that you can't bend yourself in half and suck your toes. C'mon.

And a great big thank you to Nana and Grandpa for coming to visit us last weekend. We had a great time and loved seeing you. Also, thanks a TON for babysitting twice so we could go out and see a movie! (Same movie twice.) It was a wonderful break. The girls loved seeing their grandparents and Kate really loved having all the extra attention. Ellie wasn't far behind, though.
Here's Kate and Grandpa at the park. They're in a train, looking through the window. Sorry for the weird zooming in--a strange boy kept saying "cheese" and getting in the picture as I was taking it. Kudos to him for knowing what to do when a camera is around!

Here we are going out to dinner in Cannery Row. (Matching outfits courtesy of Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Al. Thanks a bunch!)

Again, at the park. Kate loves this park and wants to go to it almost every day.
We stopped for a short jaunt to the beach. Thanks again for a great visit, Nana and Grandpa!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I've been checking all day...knowing this would come! Yah! Happy Birthday sweet Ellie. How quickly you grow and how adorable you are. Love the toes trick! Kate and Ellie look so wonderful and happy having fun w/ Nana and Grampa. What a fun visit. Love the sisters pictures. Also, love the new family photo. The day will come, Miss Kate, when the sand in your toes will be heavenly! Thanks for a super posting. Love you all, Gram+Pops

beth and melinda said...

so cute--miss u

Shari Baker said...

Wow! I am quite impressed at the baby pushups. What a strong healthy baby!

Nana said...

What fun we had in Monterey with the family! The pictures are great and it's such a good reminder of the fun times. Ellie is one strong little girl with toes that hold up her entire body. Kate is so creative and is full of fun play ideas. Babysitting was a real treat, but the girls go to bed very early! What fun it was to be trusted to babysit while Mom and Dad had their "date", (as Kate calls it). Kate was missing Mommy and Daddy a first, but the enticement of a brownie cookie really changed her mood. (We're grandparents, it's our job to give treats!) Thanks again for a wonderful time! Love and kisses,

Anonymous said...

What fun pictures with Nana and Papa! So glad they got to come for a visit. These girls are growing so fast!
Love your new car - how fun! Hope all is well with school, Jon.
Love you all,
JoAnn and Al

Anonymous said...

P.S. Oh and we loved the push-up pictures that Papa took! Playing SPY and now baby 2 do military push-ups! What's going on up there?! xoxox