Friday, December 4, 2009

Videos of Daily Life

Here are a few videos of what life is like with two small, sweet girls. It's fun watching them interact and try to discover more about their worlds.

Ellie has such fun, cute sounds that she makes and I am trying to get her to make some of them on camera. Unfortunately, when the camera comes out she gets mesmerized by it and can't utter a sound. But still I try!


Kate is usually tentative when it comes to new situations and new things. Just before this video, she successfully drank from a big cup several times, so we wanted to catch her success on video. Maybe next time.



beth and melinda said...

love it--we miss u

Betsy said...

What FUN for a Friday night for a Gram and Pops who so miss you all! Ellie is soooo adorable wabbling around and enjoying life. Love to see Kate give her a toy and then find her "project" in the mirror. The 2nd video...what can one say, ya have to laugh, love seeing Jon silently laugh, but poor,sweet Kate, she was so excited! A keeper, for sure! Ah, life w/2 little ones, how PRECIOUS! Thanks, Gram + Pops

Anonymous said...

Love these videos! Keep trying Kate, you'll do it! Great sitting up, Ellie. We miss you.
Uncle Al and Aunt JoAnn

Blythe said...

Those are fantastic!! The first one brought me to tears to see the girls so sweet and darling, but I was laughing out loud at the second one!! Kate's definitely not lacking in personality! Or strong-mindedness! I love it!! Thanks so much for posting these!

Shari Baker said...

Well, it is sad that we did not get to hear Elli's noises, but we did get to hear Jen's cool noises! :)

Shari Baker said...

I really do know how to spell Ellie's name, see?