Saturday, August 22, 2009

On the Road Again

Just a quick update from the road. As I type, we are relaxing in a Hampton Inn outside of St. Louis. We can even see the arch from our window! Amazing. Actually, this is the perfect hotel room for us. We can see the arch (the gateway to the West!) in the distance, and a digger in the foreground. Kate is thrilled.

We've made it through two days of driving and the girls are doing fantastic. Thank you SO much for all your prayers! (Wendy, the CDs are life-savers!) Kate is thrilled to be riding in "daddy's truck" and Ellie is having the best naps of her life. :) We had a nice visit with some of my relatives in Ohio and I was even able to see my grandma in the hospital. She had emergency hip surgery today and is doing well. Also, we had lunch with Rob and Courtney and their family this morning, which was great. Tomorrow we face only two states ahead of us, with seven behind. Oh, just FYI, avoid I-70 through West Virginia--the construction is a nightmare!

We expect to arrive in Colorado sometime on Monday. Thank you, Lord, for your traveling mercies!

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Anonymous said...

Yah! How wonderful to hear from you all on the road! I know Kate loves seeing that digger. How fun it must be to ride in Daddy's truck. We are sooo excited and that all is going well. Have a great drive. Good night to all. Love, a very excited Gram + Pops