Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Beth!

Happy Birthday to our favorite Aunt Beth! We hope you have a wonderful day. Love you so much!!

And since Ellie couldn't stay awake for the video filming, here she is sporting the beautiful blanket her Aunt Beth made for her. Thanks, Aunt B! Isn't she sweet? (Yes, both Beth and the baby.)


Christina said...

Jen you look great for having a newborn.
What a sweet video, I bet Beth loves it.

Beth said...

wow! thanks so much! what an honor, to have a whole post for my birthday. I live for these posts, as i've said before, and i'm so excited to see the whole family in less than three weeks! wahooey!
thanks again, loves!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Beth!! Could the greetings be any sweeter than these!? We love you, too, Betsy+Ed

Shari Baker said...

Jen, indeed, you do look great! Kate is so sweet. And happy birthday Beth! My memory of you when you were younger is watching Bye Bye Birdie together once when I came to stay with your family. :)

Erin said...