Friday, March 27, 2009

Falling Behind

I know, I know. We're falling behind on posting. Please bear with us as we are wrestling with a few major life changes/decisions in the next months. Actually, we appreciate any and all prayers! We're starting the sorting/staging process before putting our house on the market (hopefully by early May at the latest); Pipsqueak is coming at the end of May; my awesome sister is getting married in July; Kate and Jen are sick; Jon is attempting to finish his ACSC work...there's just a lot going on!

But of course, everyone has a lot going on, so let's focus on what we're thankful for! We're thankful that we're together; that we had a great 31 week ultrasound and Pip looks totally healthy; the stimulus package actually has a housing assistance program that will benefit us!; we know the Lord is in control of all our plans/decisions and He knew we'd have to sell our house THIS summer in THIS market. There is so much to be thankful for. We'll try to keep you all updated. Thanks for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Hello dear ones, thank you for the post! We are in prayer for all these coming changes and opportunities to depend upon the Lord for His provision and presence. We do hope Jen and Kate are well soon!!! We are thankful for each of you! Buckets of love from us...Mom/Dad, Gram/Pops

Anonymous said...

Hey! We're in DC next Summer - you? Are you on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the ultrasound!! Sorry the ladies are sick and hope they feel better soon. The prayers are on their way!! I'll have my prayer group on the case! What an adventure you are going to have. All will be well - another healthy baby girl and a sold home with a new life by the sea!
We love you,
Al and JoAnn

Anonymous said...

Ah yes! Life changes and major decisions...wouldn't life be boring without them, though? You all have been on my mind the last few days and have been prayed for A LOT! I'm so excited that you'll be closer in just a few more months. God is so good to take care of us and provide exactly what we need at precisely the right time! Miss you, friend!