Friday, March 6, 2009

Comparing the Bellies

When we were pregnant with Kate, most of you know we had issues with the amniotic fluid level. This was discovered at 20 weeks and the naval hospital we go to kept great tabs on Kate and her development. We were so thankful for the wonderful care we received! But a side effect of low fluid was I had a pretty small belly. In fact, I didn't even start showing until six months.

Fast forward to this pregnancy with Pip. We're at six months, already into the third trimester. No amniotic fluid issues thus far, thank the Lord!, and we'll have another ultrasound at the end of this month to double check. Here's a comparison of the belly:

6 months: Kate Six months: Pip

I think that my small belly with Kate lulled me into thinking pregnancy wasn't that hard. (Morning sickness aside, of course.) Now that I have a more normal-sized pregnant belly, all the aches, pains, difficulty sleeping, and weight gain are helping me learn this lesson in force. Ahh, the fun! How grateful I am that the Lord designed morning sickness to go away before the huge belly sets in. He definitely does know what we can handle!


Anonymous said...

Wow,Jen, look at you!!! You,ve even gained in that belly since we were there 2 weeks ago. You look great!!! Love the photo of Kate and her ever changing glam do!! Looks like she's saying, "please". Love all the photos. Grateful for a pregnancy without those fluid issues...praise our Lord for that! Thank you for sharing...made our Friday. Love, Gram + Pops

beth and melinda said...

Love Kate's hair---
Good big belly = good pip!
I was probably that size when you were w/ kate when I delivered at 8 months!

Blythe said...

1. you only look bigger in the second pic w/Pip b/c it was taken at a closer range.
2. with this pregnancy, you are also running around after a toddler! your poor body!!!
3. you look beautiful and are simply glowing. I wish I could see you in person!

Blythe said...

p.s. I love the sidebar picture of Kate after her nap! she looks so demure and flirty!

Shari Baker said...

Well, there is a difference, but I agree with Blythe, part of it is the closeness. Being bigger is a good sign though! You look great!

Nana said...

It's wonderful to see you gaining more weight. That's what should happen. You look great. I'm also excited because you may be able to weight the jumper I made you when you were pregnant with Kate. I love Kate's hair. I think there's a possibility that she might have Nana's "big hair". What do you think? Keep those pictures coming. Love, Nana