Friday, January 9, 2009

New York In January

We had a great time in upstate New York last week. Congratulations to my cousin Camille on her wedding to Michael! We were a little worried about Kate and the 7 1/2 hr car ride up to Saratoga Springs, but she was a champ! We enjoyed some good family time with the Minnerys and saw all four Minnery brothers together. Don't they look related??

The weather was just a tad you can imagine! But thankfully everyone was decked out and ready for the cold. Jon was certainly reminded of his college days in Ithaca, and was very grateful not to have to spend the whole winter there again. Brrrrr. We had some good time with Nana and Grandpa--especially since our room was close to theirs in the hotel so we could hang out after Kate went to bed. Definitely, Kate was the hit of the weekend with her squeaky shoes (Thanks, Sally and Chad!). Random hotel guests were calling out to her saying, oh look, it's Squeaky! At breakfast each morning she lapped up the attention and really got a kick out of her big, tall uncles. Well, great uncles, I mean. Though we did enjoy the time there seeing family and being able to celebrate with my cousin, we discovered that vacation with a toddler is NOT vacation. I think both Jon and I came back more tired than when we left. Ahhhh well. My mom mentioned that when we all gather again (extended family included) for Beth's wedding this summer, it'll be a whole new ball game--TWO kids instead of one. How we pray that Pipsqueak is as mellow as his/her big sister!

Enjoy these pictures of the trip:
The new Mr. and Mrs. Michael MagguilliMy cousin, Lilly, and the cake she made. We sure missed seeing her husband Ryan, who is deployed with the Navy. Hurry home, Ryan!Kate loved dancing to the music--even when she was the only one on the dance floor.Here we are outside of my uncle's Antebellum home in Saratoga. Thanks for a great time! And thanks to Nana for taking the picture.


Anonymous said...

Brrrrr, is right!! But what a great opportunity for the Minnery clan to gather. Kate sure charmed them all! Lovely wedding, much appreciated connecting and visits...the stuff of family events. Thankfully you all avoided big storms and Kate enjoyed the car ride! Super pics...thanks so much for sharing! Love, Mom and Dad

Nana and Grandpa said...

Hi Jen and Jon,
These are great pictures. It was cold, but it was a wonderful time. We're so glad you made the drive and what fun Kate had. She was indeed the belle of the breakfast room with her squeaky shoes. (She would have been the belle of the dining room without the squeaky shoes, too!) It was great to see the Don Minnery side of the family after so many years. The wedding was beautiful and Camille and Michael were so happy. Thanks for the great pics!

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures. What fun it must have been to see your dad with all of his brothers. (A very handsome group at that!) We love the picture of Kate in the stroller. Uncle Al and I had the same look on our faces the whole time we lived in Buffalo!
Jen - you look great. Can't wait to hear about the news tomorrow. Hope the little pipsqueak cooperates.
Love you,
Al and JoAnn

Beth said...

WHAT DID YOU DO WITH KATE'S LEFT LEG? Aunt Beth is indignant on kate's behalf. great pictures! thanks for posting. wish i could've been there!

Shari Baker said...

Your dad and brothers do look very similar! Looks like a beautiful wedding and sounds like a nice chance to connect with family!

Anonymous said...

A girl!!! We could not be more thrilled, a sister for Kate! Cannot wait to see them skipping around together, telling secrets, giggling, playing dolls (or football, perhaps?), coloring (I do hope I get at least one coloring fanatic) much to imagine. Praise God for this joy. Blessings to all...Gram + Pops (Ice cream for 2!):)