Thursday, October 16, 2008

Visiting with Gram and Pops

We had a great weekend with Gram and Pops Luminati, who came out to spend a little time with us. Pops was extremely excited because he was able to give Kate her first taste of ice cream. She wasn't totally thrilled with it at first--it was cold on her little fingers! But she soon picked up the knack and was reaching her little mouth toward the cone. We spent a fun day out in Middleburg, which is a quaint old town not far from here. I must say, though, Mom and Dad really appreciated having Gram and Pops here. We got to go on a date, see a movie, sleep in, not change poopie diapers for a few days, and not have to clean up the dishes! Needless to say, it was hard to see them go. How we wish we lived closer! Thanks for coming to visit and we miss you!

Here we are in DQ right before the ice cream fun begins.

Sharing a great breakfast at a local bakery in Middleburg.

Finally getting a good picture of Pops with his granddaughter.

Gram doing one of the things Grandmas do best.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you all sooooo much! We had a wonderful time with each of you. Kathryn is sooo precious and we enjoyed and relive each moment we were able to spend with her. She has two WONDERFUL parents and we are so grateful for sweet, sweet time. Thank you for sharing the photos! Love to the moon+back to you all! Gram + Pops(Bubbles + Ice cream!)

Sally Brewer Photography said...

Next time Gram and Pops come out for a visit I hope we can get together too! :)

Beth said...

yay! I miss Gram and Pops too. It was fun skyping with all of you, though, and so exciting to hear the news! Thanks for all your love and support for Dad and I this weekend. Love you all!

scarlet said...

i wish you guys lived closer, too!