Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stay Tuned

Despite popular belief, we have not dropped off the face of the earth. We just returned from a family vacation to Missouri, and more pictures are coming. Thanks for your patience! In the meantime, we thought we'd tantalize you with another shot of our sweet girl.

Also, to show that we have a little more variety in the blog, here's Beth and her boyfriend, Evan. Yes, he is taller than she is.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful vacation!! We had such fun with all. Kate did soooo well! From speed boats to swimming to feeding camels, she loved it all!! Super photos of her. It was great to see all the family and for Beth and Evan to be able to join us!!! Memories built. Thank you, Lord for this family! Love, Gram + Pops

Beth said...

YESS!! we made it onto the blog! awesome! thanks! what a fantastic time we had. love you guys.

Anonymous said...

What a great time to get all of the family there. Kate is really cute in her swim suit. And I love seeing a picture of Beth and Evan. I hear she has a job!!!Yea!!!! I love your new format on the blog.
and am happy you are back.
Aunt Cindy