Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rice Cereal: Day 4

Kate continues to take well to eating with a spoon. She is excited and willingly opens her mouth to accept the rice cereal (or gruel, as her grandparents have taken to calling it). I was really proud of her when today she ate a whole bunch of rice cereal. I gave her some water to help her swallow it and voila! Down it went. Hurray! She had almost finished the bowl (a small bowl, probably just over a tablespoon of cereal) when I saw her eyes water, tongue come out and UP came all the rice cereal that she had so proudly swallowed moments before. Blegggh. Sigh. So probably our next venture will be oatmeal. The pediatrician we saw today (for Kate's six month check) suggested oatmeal because it has a slighly "slimier" consistency and texture for babies to swallow. Feeding fun continues!

Six month stats: almost 25 inches long and 15 lbs 7 oz. And the doctor couldn't get over her fat cheeks and thighs. No feeding problems with this baby, the doctor said. Hurray!


Beth said...

is there anything better than fat thighs? i think that to myself every day. wow, 25 inches! that's great. she has a ways to go before she beats my 73 inches.

Anonymous said...

Hoorah!!! Kate's check up sounds great! Hang in there with the feeding. I remember how thin I initially made the cereal for Jon as he began to learn to swallow well. Oatmeal sounds like a great idea!! A bit of a sweeter taste and a bit easier to slide. What a sweet, compliant daughter. Takes after her wonderful Mom and Dad...wanting to please! We love you guys and always look forward to the postings! Hugs...Gram + Pops