Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hiking at Great Falls Park

We went on our first hike today as a family at Great Falls Park along the Potomac. It was a beautiful fall day and a great chance to test our ability to schedule activities between feedings. Jen is pictured next to the dam that diverts DC's drinking water from the Potomac. We packed a lunch and found some shade under a log next to the river. Jon was nice enough to attract all the mosquitoes so that neither of his girls got any bites.
Dad got to try putting Kate in her stylish "baby Bjorn," making her the envy of all the other label-conscious newborns. She was even nice enough not to spit up on Daddy's shirt, despite maintaining a virtual face-plant on it throughout the afternoon.
After lunch for Mom and Dad, it was time for Kate's lunch, so everyone headed back to the car for a little privacy and air conditioning. A few minutes later, Kate was ready for round two of her day of hiking.
Here's the view back up the Potomac into the falls and rapids. There were a number of kayakers braving the waters and Dad wished they could all head to a campsite for the night. Jen was less enthusiastic as she contemplated the intricacies of tent-based breast feeding. Maybe we'll wait another couple of months.


Beth said...

Love it! Sure seems like breastfeeding runs your life. thanks for not being one of those moms who thinks it's okay to whip it out here, there, and everywhere. We all appreciate your privacy. Love the pictures, love the baby, love the mommy and the daddy. I love it all.

Grams and Pops said...

Let's get this baby some denims for hiking! Love the photos.

Christina said...

You guys are so funny. I would never think to go hiking a month after giving birth. When my babies were a month old, I was still sitting in the recliner asking people to bring me water and the channel changer :)

Trey said...

Let's put those spray skirts on and run the falls!

Stephanie said...

I think I've been to this park. But not up to the rocks and boulders. My brother and his fam used to live in Potomac Falls, VA and took us to a park along the Potomac near their house. We had a great time with the nephews walking along the river- I'm sure Kate will grow to love it, too!